Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya


Kenya consists of many tourist attractions which drive many tourists to invade the country and adventure them. Most of the top attractions in Kenya are found in the country’s protected areas such as national parks and reserves where a tourist will enjoy viewing interesting things as well as involving in many activities which take place from there such as game viewing and game drives plus many more. Some of Kenya’s best places with the top tourist attractions include.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

The Park has the most amazing things compared to other parks in Kenya and some of the most interesting and amazing in the Park is the annual migration of Wildebeests. The annual migration of Wildebeests happens in months of July to October of every calendar year where Wildebeests and other animals where they move with the aim of looking for fresh pastures in the Park since during that time, the park has fresh pastures more than in the Serengeti plains in Tanzania where these animals migrate from.

The huge number of animals migrating from the Serengeti plains evidences clearly as to why in the Serengeti plains pastures get exhausted during those months. Almost two millions of Wildebeests and half a million of Thomson’s gazelles migrate to Maasai Mara during July to October together with a very large number of Zebras, Elands and Topis thus offering tourists who visit the park by that time to get an exceptional and unrivalled game viewing. The annual migration of Wildebeests and other wildlife species is best seen at Mara River where these animals pass or cross in order to access the pastures of the park.

Through the balloon safaris in the park, a tourist will get a great fun which he or she has never got anywhere on this earth. The balloon safaris are guided by experienced experts whereby they guide you right from the ground before flying and floating in the balloon envelope and still up as you are floating there are also experts who will make sure that you get a nice time and enjoy to the fullest.

You will be sailed by experienced pilots thus viewing the interesting and amazing things in the Park including the migration of animals when you are floating quietly in the savanna plains of the Park. The balloon safari in Kenya is one of the things which make this Park to be an extraordinary one as compared to other parks in Kenya and in Africa.

Other amazing activities here include; birding where you will view over 500 bird species, nature walks, cultural encounters where you will enjoy the awesome culture of the Masai people and the game viewing where you will view a large number of animals flooding the Park including Africa’s big five which are; Lions, Cape buffaloes, Elephants, Leopards and Rhinos though still in the Park you can spot the Masai giraffes, Cheetahs, Hyenas, antelopes and many more.

Hell’s Gate National Park

The park is found in the North-west of Nairobi (Kenya’s capital) and lies in the south of Lake Naivasha. It is has many interesting things such as activities and its wildlife and bird life of which more special in the park is that there are amazing activities such as bicycling, motorcycling, hiking and still camping in the park is also available thus being one of the only two or few Parks where this is allowed in Kenya.

The park entrance fees of this park are also lower than any other national park in Kenya thus being more favorable and your access to the Park, you will view many animals such as; African lions, Cheetahs, African buffaloes, Leopards, Zebras, Hartebeests, Elands, Baboons, Hyenas, Reed bucks and many others.

Activities such as game viewing, bird watching and water sports can also be done in the park. The park is not only known for its wide wildlife and bird life but also its brilliant scenery which favors filming of films and one of the popular films captured from this park is called ‘’Tomb Raider’’ and many others.

Amboseli National Park

The park is worldly known for its huge diversity of herds of elephants of which it inhabits over 1,200 elephants and it is the most attractive thing in this park though still in the park you will be able to view all the big five species of Africa which include Lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes as well as all the three big cats (Lions, leopards and cheetahs) can also still be seen in the park and in high numbers. The brilliant and beautiful landscape of the park favors a lot of activities such as game drives, game viewing, nature walks and bird watching where you will view over 400 bird species.

The good accommodations at the Park such as; Kibo safari camp and Amboseli Serena safari lodge plus many others also make your stay in the Park more joyous in a way that you will be sleeping and eating well while adventuring the amazing things in the park. Mountain Kilimanjaro (which is Africa’s highest mountain) is near to the Park thus you will be getting clear views of it since it is situated at the border of Tanzania and the park in Kenya.

Tsavo National Park

It is among Kenya’s best parks and mostly known for keeping many  Lions as compared to other species in the Park and also being a home to over 500 bird species. The park being that it is the largest in Kenya and the existence of Tsavo River makes it attractive to animals and birds thus keeping them in large numbers.

Over 675 lions can be met in the park together with other species such as elephants, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, hyenas, cheetahs, ardwolves, mongooses, zebras, Masai giraffes, water bucks, jackals, gerenuks and many others.

The park has two sections (Tsavo West and Tsavo East) which are formed by the bisection of A109 road and a railway which passes through the Park thus bisecting it into two parts to form those two sections and they are all very attractive.

In the Park you will also view other attractive things such as Mzima springs, Lake Jipe, Athi River, Tsavo River, Galana River, Mudanda rock, Lugard falls and many more.

Other Highlights

Other top attractions in Kenya can be found in Lake Nakuru National Park which is the best place in the world for viewing flamingos and a tourist will be able to view millions of them, Nairobi National Park which is Kenya’s oldest park and its position being that it is only 7km from the centre of Nairobi makes it more attractive and travelers here will be able to view Kenya’s skyscrapers and a variety of bird life (Over 500 bird species) and also wildlife species such as lions, buffaloes, hippopotamuses and many others, Samburu National Reserve which is known for its Samburu people who live near to it thus a traveler will be able to enjoy the amazing culture of Samburu tribe after viewing the wildlife in the Reserve such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, giraffes and many more.


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