Kenya Safari Guide to Maasai Mara


Many people ask themselves as to why Maasai Mara National Park is Kenya’s finest and one of the best in Africa. Below are some of the things that make this park so popular and special to many others in Kenya. For a traveler who could wish to take Kenya safaris and enjoy the fruits of this park has to first know some of the few things he or she should be expecting to see and enjoy:

• The famous great migration of wildlife in Kenya takes place from this Park and it is some of the few special things about this Park to other Parks in Kenya and Africa. This great migration of wildlife happens each and every year in July to October where through the migration, a number of wildlife species can be spotted in abundance such as over 1.5 million Wildebeests, 200,000-plus Zebras, 18,000-plus Elands, 97,000-plus Topis and half a million of Thomson’s gazelles.

Therefore, a traveler who is wishing to visit this Park should expect to see a very large number of Wildlife crossing the Mara River to access the Park. This migration is caused due to the exhaustion of pastures in the original homeland (SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK) of these migrant animals thus leading to their migration in search of fresh pastures in the neighboring Park (MAASAI MARA).

• Abundance of Wildlife; apart from the large number of wildlife viewed during the great migration, the Park is also made up of many other wildlife species which also exist in large amounts and more special in the Park is that all the five wildlife species which are regarded as ‘’Africa’s big five’’ are also seen in such an excessive number of which these include; African Lions, Cape buffaloes, African Leopards, Elephants and Rhinos.

The Park is also made up of a high number of birds (Over 500 bird species) and it keeps the largest number of Crocodiles in East Africa which are resided in the Mara River. Other wildlife species in the Park include; Giant hippos, Impalas, Jackals, Coke’s hartebeests, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Roan antelopes, Masai giraffes, Bat-eared foxes, Grant’s gazelles and others.

• A variety of amazing activities; the activities in the Park are all of a lifetime and they are so special including the game viewing where you will view an exceptional and abundance wildlife in the Park, balloon safaris, cultural encounters, bird watching, nature walks and game drives. Therefore, all these activities will make your tour so amazing and memorable when you go with a good camera to take a lot of photos for the abundance of the Park.

• However to enjoy all these activities you are advised to at least book with the best tour agency such as Eco Tours Kenya which will plan for your safari and makes it so memorable in such a way that it will let you know the package which will enable you to enjoy everything in the Park, it will also provide you with a favorable and affordable 4×4 vehicle you should use plus also reserving for you a good accommodation in the Park where you will stay for the sake of your safari in the Park and also doing most of the needs for your tour.

A traveler will therefore need to go for a 4-days package in the Park in order to enjoy the brilliance of the Park of which the first day will be for accessing the Park, the second day you will then go in the Park for viewing the great migration, third day will be for viewing a large number of animals and birds plus and the fourth day will be for the balloon safaris. A tourist should also be aware of the Park entrance fee which is US$ 80 per traveler in order to enter inside the Park to enjoy a lot of activities there.

During the cultural encounters expect to get an interesting cultural encounter outside the Park where you will meet the Masai tribe/people. The Masai people have an amazing culture which impresses all travelers who interact with them and since they are great cattle keepers, you will view a lot of products from the cattle and taste some of them such as milk and meat. For their dances and songs plus their dressing styles are just exceptional.

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