Samburu Sopa Lodge

The lodge is tucked inside the majestic Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya. This lodge is built to reflect the architectural heritage of the local communities whose sons and daughters make up the majority of the work force at the lodge.

It boosts fifteen (15) cottages all with two bedrooms built in an arch formation on either side of the public areas to surround the waterhole but leaving a wide gap in order to allow animals move freely to the water.

All the guest cottages follow the exterior design of centuries-old and traditional Samburu housing but the similarity stops there. The cottages’ structures have much higher ceilings, very large windows, much more floor space, and en suite bathrooms.

All the well-spaced cottages have two airy and comfortable tastefully furnished guest rooms each with two queen size beds, a large dressing table, a lavishly appointed bathroom, and an open air veranda which overlooks the waterhole. The two guest rooms nearer to the reception area provide for the physically challenged.

The coolness beneath the high ceiling of the circular grass thatched reception area and its adjacent boutique is a welcome respite from the outdoor heat of the equatorial sun and its earthen colors and traditional Samburu decorations blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

Like all the public areas in the main building, there are no windows and cooling breezes flow freely through the large amorphous spaces in the walls. The spacious lounge also has an extremely high ceiling but by way of a complete contrast.

This spacious comfortably furnished area has no front or side walls whatsoever except for a low non-invasive safety barrier.

As soon as you walk in from the reception, you feel like you are standing on top of the world as you come face to face with one of the most stunning and panoramic views of Africa you are ever likely to see.

And once you have taken a deep breath and recovered from that, you might just notice the nearby waterhole with its regular animal or avian visitors.

The fact that the property is situated in an arid and semi-desert region, there is a large free form pool tiled with various shades of blue mosaic tiles and surrounded by a local flat stone sunbathing area.

The pool is also adjoined with a children’s pool, outdoor shower, and sunken bar as well as views over the waterhole provides you with the perfect solution when you want to be outdoors but keep cool at the same time.

The dining room is on a slightly higher level than the lounge and it shares the totally open air atmosphere to allow guests’ views over both the waterhole and the panoramic landscapes beyond.

While artistically positioned wall niches house various forms of natural decorations and the furniture follows traditional designs, the curvaceous buffet tables and live cooking areas offer a wide selection of delicious fusions of different culinary disciplines coupled with garden fresh fruits and vegetables.

The tastefully decorated main bar is situated against the rear wall of the lounge and is adjacent to the walkway and sunbathing area around the swimming pool with its shaded sunken bar where guests can sit and talk to the Samburu barman at will.