Sabache Camp

This camp is more than just a beautiful tented safari camp located in the Samburu national reserve spread over 500 square miles of Kenya’s last remaining wilderness frontier.

It is a model eco-tourism project that strives to show an intact habitant is worth more than one developed.

Since the camp is 100% owned, operated by, and benefits the local indigenous Samburu community, it is a pioneer in sustainable community-based eco-tourism and is committed to environmentally sound practices.

By staying at Sabache, guests support conservation of the African wilderness and provide direct employment and income to more than 145 families in the area.

Breathtaking sunset views over the Matthews range and Samburu Plains, traditional African and European dining, and a tranquil ambiance at the base of the Sacred Mountain O’lolokwe; experience a unique and authentic African safari.

Few places in East Africa can match the natural, untouched wilderness setting and natural ecology of Sabache.

With exclusive access to nearly 500 square miles of some of the most pristine East African wilderness, guests are ensured a very private and personal safari experience and a rare opportunity to experience the Kenyan wilderness as it once was.

The camp boosts eight (8) classic safari tents with en-suite bathrooms, tree-shaded decks, a natural rock pool overlooking a wildlife watering hole, and there are breathtaking views from the guest room verandas.

The camp offers both European and African cuisine well as, a private campsite and outfitter’s shop are there to equip hikers.

Private, traditional safari-style tents with hand-crafted log furniture and natural stonework are found in a valley alongside the dramatic vertical cliff of Mountain O’Lolokwe.

All the tents feature solar power, hot showers, flush toilets and private stone verandas with stunning mountain views.

The camp also consists of a restaurant and a pub for refreshments, such as, a variety of cold sodas, cocktails, and bottled water.

The camp is surrounded by a network of trails and mountain walks for all abilities. A team of guides is available to help guests plan a traditional African sundowner, a picnic breakfast on a mountain ledge at daybreak, or help them to explore the mountain trails where they can often see the rare Grevy’s zebras, gerenuks, Oryx, or watch the incredible feat of elephants ascending the mountain trails on their knees and bellies to get to the natural springs at the summit! Guests can also visit the nearby “Singing Wells,” an authentic cultural village, or the 3 nearby national parks and local conservancies.