Rhino Valley Lodge

Rhino Valley Lodge is found in Tsavo West National Park boosting 6 standard rooms, 10 luxury rock rooms and a campsite for discerning travelers.

The lodge comprises of a total of 16 rooms all self contained with a private veranda and a great view of animals in the near pool.

It is tucked against the backdrop of the rugged but scenic Ngulia hills offering the most idyllic view of the pristine Tsavo West National Park which teams with wildlife such as; African lions, Cape buffaloes, African elephants, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, rhinos and thousands of savannah wildlife.

The lodge is an unrivalled habitat for those who love nature and a perfect retreat in the wild. The nights have their own unique ambiance, a pot-pouring of hundreds of different animals, birds and insect noises.

The lodge is also designed to blend with the surrounding vegetation and landscape. From a distance, one may be forgiven for mistaking it for one of Ngulia hills rock outcrops.

The lodge’s self-catering bandas tastefully furnished with rugged twin beds, a well-equipped kitchenette and a complete bathroom suite will offer comforts of home away from home.

It also consists of a modern gourmet restaurant with an elaborate menu specifically designed for those who love the out outdoors. Other amenities at the lodge include; a tree bar, curio shop, fully equipped conference room, and many others.