Kasigau Conservation Trust

Kasigau Conservation Trust is a budget and eco-friendly guest house located next to Mountain Kasigau between Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park.

The resort is located in a serene environment offering its guests a convenient place to relax. The resort consists of 6 cottages/bandas all fitted with a bathroom, a kitchen and sitting room.

Guests can choose to prepare meals at the kitchen or order cooked meals well as laundry services are also provided onsite. The premises are guarded round the clock.

The property consists of 5 bandas each with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a sitting room. The bandas can be taken on a self catering basis, or local, traditional meals can be provided.

Cultural visits to the local village are on offer where the guests will enjoy cultural performances by local dancers and singers.

Game walks in the area are rewarding too where guests will spot a variety of rare plant and birdlife species such as; the globally threatened Taita White-eye Zosterops Silvanus. Guests can also climb Mountain Kasigau which offers stunning views from its peak.

Kasigau Conservation Trust’s useful contribution to the local community and its local conservation work has been recognized by Ecotourism Society of Kenya, the trust is a ‘’Community Based Organization, CBO’’.