Rent Rooftop Tent Vehicle – Explore East Africa

Whether you are an adventurer or nature lover, we offer the most comfortable and efficient economical way to discover your east African safari with Roof top tented cars. Roof top tents cars will meet your budget somewhere halfway of your car rental in east Africa. With roof top tents, there is no need to hang around the high way when experiencing the untouched nature because they come with enough sleeping space for 2 persons, better yet we still offer extra sleeping space options  if more people in your group.

It has also been proven that 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, both manual and automatic with either diesel or petrol engines are the best concepts for travel around Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, without depending on schedules, accommodation bookings, appointments or programs.

Better Wind and Rain Protection. Using the conventional tents might be a beat tricky because of the weather. At times you might not be in position to keep in the tent when it raining because of the rain runoff. But when you use a roof top tent for your Uganda safari; you can be assured or more stability on a windy day and more protection on a rainy day.

Off The Ground, Some people are too uncomfortable sleeping on the floor/ ground and for that reason; the roof top tent comes timely for your rescue.

Rooftop tents are fast & Easy to set up, Sometimes campers hire dome tents but fail to set them up, and if they succeed in setting them up they realize a delay in their program because of the wasted time.

Roof top tents are put on top of the car, giving you an opportunity to see your surroundings from a raised point of view unlike the conventional ground tent.

Can Be Set up on a Relatively Non Flat Land, Unlike conventional tents that require you to find a flat ground, a roof top tent only requires you to find a proper place for parking. It doesn’t have to necessarily have to be flat; that is, rocks and muddy ground are no longer a problem.

Less expensive, Caravans are some of the best cars for a road trip. But countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania where the roads are not in the best condition, opting for a car with a roof top tent would be the best option in terms of cost compared to caravans, and motor homes.